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To provide, to our clients and communities, affordable data communication and Internet access solutions while maintaining highest operational availability, regardless of the challenging conditions of rural areas.


To contribute to the upliftment of educational and economic standards of disadvantaged areas by establishing and provisioning the latest yet affordable data and Internet communication networks, systems and infrastructures. Our entrepreneurial culture sustains our constant strive to innovate, improve and progress while we maintain honesty, integrity and value towards our clients.

Code Of Conduct

This code of conduct aims to adhere to the guidelines and standards for subscriber charters prescribed by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (“the Authority”) in Notice 1740 of 2007 published in Government Gazette No 30553 dated 7 December 2007 and in Notice 272 of 2008 published in Government Gazette No 30792 dated 25 February 2008, respectively. IBISA commits to:

1. Act in a fair, reasonable and responsible manner in all its dealings with its subscribers and potential subscribers

2. Ensure that all services and products meet the specifications contained in IBISA’s licenses and in all relevant laws and regulations

3. Not unfairly discriminate against or between its subscribers and potential subscribers on the basis of race, gender, sex, age, religion, belief, disability, ethnic background or sexual orientation

4. Display utmost courtesy and care when dealing with its subscribers

5. Provide its subscribers and potential subscribers with information regarding services and pricing

6. Upon request provide its subscribers and potential subscribers with guidance in regard to their customer needs

7. Keep its subscribers' personal information confidential

8. Advise its subscribers to refer a complaint to the Authority, where IBISA has failed to resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of a subscriber.



IBISA is Misty Blue Trading 182 CC T/A Innovative Business Investments South Africa.

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